Passive Investment Masterclass with Ann Wilson and Nerina Visser…

Want To Get The Tax Man Paying For Your Investments?


  •  What Passive Investing Is And How It Will Help You Achieve Your Financial Freedom Significantly Faster.
  •  How To Start Your Passive Investing And What To Invest In.
  •  Why Those In The know Are Actively Going Passive And Earning 70% More From Their Investments.
  • How To Get The Tax Man To Buy Your Investments For You.
  • The Three Powerful "Smart Investing Hacks" To Significantly Increase Your Returns.


Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from understanding your investments, and knowing how to get the stock market working for you.

Passive Investment Masterclass with Ann Wilson and Nerina Visser…

Using the principles she teaches, Ann went from a salaried civil engineer to a financially free, multi millionaire and in just 8 years!  

Lovingly called “The Wealth Witch for the Woo-Woo World Ann is able to take intimidating, complex and very often boring investing concepts and teach them to “everyday people” just like herself. through writing, speaking and training.

Through her best-selling book The Wealth Chef, and the highly- acclaimed training programmes Financial Freedom University and Passive Investment Management Mastery School, Ann has enabled thousands of big hearted people to create their own financial freedom and live the lives they really want.

Recognised by CEO Magazine as one of the “Most Influential Women in Business and Financial Services”, Nerina is considered by many as the "go to gal" on all things passive investing. 

Advisor to the World Bank/IFC and stock exchanges around the world, Vice President of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institution, and Director of the etfSA Portfolio Management Company - Nerina knows how to get money working hard for institutional and private investors alike using passive investment products. 

Her greatest passion is breaking down the barriers of access to stock market investing through education so million more can reap the benefits and achieve their financial goals.

Keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams so you can feel empowered with your passive investment plan to feel safe & secure


"Loved the webinar Ann and Nerina! As a complete investment novice I appreciated you starting with the absolute bare bone basics and excited that I feel clear and understanding it all so far. You make a great team!" - Felicity Turland 

"Thank you so much for your ability to share complex ideas in such a simple way making the information easily accessible to those of us who are unfamiliar. Trust us, not everyone can do it as well as these two." - Gary & Debbie Beneke 

"Your training has totally changed my life. You've given me so much confidence and knowledge regarding passive investing." - Maxine Hargreaves 

"Thank you sooo much for the webinar Ann &&Nerina! I feel so inspired listening to you guys!" - Vicki 

"Thank you guys so, so much! You are both so wonderful and inspirational!" - Anna 

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